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16 Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets

There are a lot of things I throw away every day not realizing what I could do with them before I call "end of life". I like keeping things out of the landfill, but never realized just how much more I could be doing.

I throw dryer sheets away without a second thought. Not only that, but I kinda go overboard when I use them. I want my clothes to smell extra fresh and be static free. I don't know anyone who enjoys getting shocked when they touch a metal file cabinet or their car. That doesn't mean these people don't exist, but I'm not one of them.

With that, I feel it is my duty to figure out what do to with dryer sheets, other than in the dryer and in between the seats! So, here are 16 alternative uses for dryer sheets!

Alternative Uses for {Fresh} Dryer Sheets

1. Keep the bathroom smelling lovely by putting them in the toilet paper roll

2. Put it in your paper towel roll to keep the kitchen smelling fresh

3. Put them in your shoes, especially your tennis shoes or shoes that you wear socks with

4. Stuff them in the crevices of your car seats (front and back) or put them under the seats

5. Keep them in your dirty clothes hamper and take the dryer sheet with you so you can throw it in the dryer with the load, then replace the dryer sheet in your dirty clothes hamper and REPEAT!

6. Who doesn't love that freshly laundered smell? Keep your undergarments and clothing smelling fresh by placing a dryer sheet in your clothes drawers.

7. Roll dryer sheets up in your Yoga mat in between sessions

8. Calm your senses by adding a fresh dryer sheet with a lavender scent in your pillow cases.

Alternative Uses for {Used} Dryer Sheets

1. General dusting on any surface

2. Clean up baseboards

3. Dust your electronics (TV, desktop computer, laptop) -- repels dust and lint

4. Wipe up powdery messes

5. Wipe up pet hair (or human hair)

6. WEAR IT! Yep, that's right. Tuck a used dryer sheet or two loosely in your pocket or belt loop to repel flying insects. Great for gardening!

7. Clean up chrome accents in your house and on your vehicles

8. Wipe down those window blinds -- another dust and lint repellent

{ that's not all }

Thanks to Curbly, Apartment Therapy and One Hundred Dollars A Month, I was able to fill in some blanks I had about alternative uses for dryer sheets. Check out their posts for even MORE ideas for using fresh dryer sheets or even used dryer sheets beyond the dryer!

{ got comments? }

I'd love to hear what you use your dryer sheets for!

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  1. What great uses. Why didn't I ever think of putting them in the toilet paper roll, I love that one. I have used them on the edges of our wall though to dust and keep them cleaner.

  2. I love all the uses for used dryer sheets! I really need to start using them to dust with, I could even give them to my kids as dust rags to help out! As for the toilet paper roll, I put a couple drops of lavender or purification oil, and that makes my whole bathroom smell lovely. I also use essential oils on my bedding to get a good nights sleep. This is a great post, I am pinning it!

  3. Ooh! I love the idea of getting an unscented dryer sheet and using essential oils to spruce it up! I'm definitely going to do this!

  4. Dig this! Miranda suggested dropping a couple of drops of essential oils on dryer sheets. Since dryer sheets are technically for lint and static, unscented used dryer sheets would be great for this.

    If only I could keep TP ON THE ROLL...sigh, my men!

  5. LOVE IT! We've been using the Bars because "somebody" (read that as my husband) kept forgetting to use the dryer sheets and since the laundry room is in the freaky basement, he does all the laundry. As soon as we get a place where I can do laundry again I'm definitely use these ideas.

  6. I love the bars, too, but I think the first time I used it I didn't do it right, so it fell off. I forgot about them to be honest with you. I could still go out and grab a few and still have tons of uses for the dryer sheets I've got!

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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